Mobile Health: Audio-based Interfacing to Clinical Sensors - Calibration and Validation of an Audio Pulse Oximeter Sensor (AudioOx) Using Direct Blood Gas Measurement


This research study investigates a new low-cost non-invasive sensor for measuring blood oxygen levels; the Audio Oximeter.

Proprietary oximeter sensors are routinely used in the developed world, but as the modules are expensive and require a reliable source of electricity they are rarely used in resource poor countries. To reduce cost, we hope to develop an audio pulse oximeter sensor (AudioOx), a simple oximeter sensor that interfaces via the audio jack of any standard cell phone. By utilizing the audio jack for transmission of data from the sensor to phone, we can ensure that the most common cell phones are universally supported.

Who can participate in this study?

  • In order to participate in the study, your child must be having an arterial blood sample taken as part of their routine clinical care.

Who should not participate in this study?

  • Children who weigh less than 1kg should not participate. Because they are so small, it is difficult to find places to put the sensors on their skin. Patients who are receiving high doses certain medicines known as vasoconstrictors should also not participate.


  • Recruitment will begin in mid-2015.

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